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Magnaways, now part of Avanquest Software

Acquisition of the German company, Magnaways: Avanquest Software steps up its Web expansion strategy. Read the PDF press release...

After 9 months of strategic partnership, Avanquest Software and Magnaways have decided to join forces.

Oliver Pott, CEO of Magnaways and Founder of BlitzBox: “We are thrilled to join with Avanquest Software, a company that is setting a new standard in the field of software publishing, that has a proven track record of successful expansion on an international level, and that has equipped themselves with the human and technological resources necessary to significantly increase their sales on the web. Avanquest Software's expertise and resources will enable us to quickly develop our web activities worldwide."

Bruno Vanryb, Founder and CEO of Avanquest Software: “Our goal is to become a leading force in the growing and rapidly expanding Internet market. The acquisition of Magnaways, which follows the re-grouping all of our websites into one entity called Avanquest Online and precedes the launch of our new BlueSquad concept, clearly supports this strategy.

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